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Set up a stair installation for your home in Meredith, Holderness, Plymouth & Wolfeboro, NH

You don't have to keep fumbling and stumbling down the steep slopes in your backyard. Granite State Landscaping & Stonework will take care of a stone stair installation so you can get around more easily.

Adding stone steps to your space can:

  • Enhance the appearance
  • Create more vertical design space
  • Improve safety and accessibility

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Our hardscaping contractor can put in granite or colonial steps

Granite stairs and colonial steps are the two most common stair installations we perform. You'll be able to discuss the benefits of each with an experienced hardscaping contractor. Granite steps are regular in shape and used frequently in public places, like parks or campuses. They typically have sharp, clean edges.

Colonial steps, on the other hand, begin life as large slabs of bluestone that is shaped at the installation site. They have a much more rustic look. All of our stair installations are water-permeable and weather rain well. You won't have to worry about your stairs washing out.

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